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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Training

PDF Tactical offers SWAT courses that are instructed by SWAT Team Leaders from the area, who all have personal knowledge and experience employing the tactics and methods used in our curriculum in real-world SWAT operations.

Law enforcement/Military only

All courses can be customized to meet any specialized needs of the student/Dept.

SWAT Training

  • Barricaded Subjects/Stealth Entry Tactics
  • High-Risk Warrant Service
  • Hostage Rescue Tactics (HRT)
  • Rapid Deployment Tactics
  • Explosive Breaching
  • Mobile Assaults
  • Tactical Breaching
  • Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)
  • Urban Climbing/Tactical Rappel
  • SWAT Sniper/Observer
  • Team Leader Development
  • Airborne Operations
  • Maritime Hostage Rescue


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