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When it comes to Home Theaters, Alpha can design and install a dedicated media room or surround sound system to meet your needs and budget – Plasma TVs, LCD Projectors, Digital Receivers, Sub-woofers, DVD Players, and custom built cabinets are available.

A Home Theater System designed and installed by Alpha brings excitement, dynamic sound and breathtaking imagery to your home. This astonishing media is now within reach of any homeowner.

A properly set up Home Theater will deliver all the potential of movies on DVD and HD Satellite – quality you’re missing if you’re just watching TV.

You’ll be able to experience movies at home the way the filmmaker intended – with film-quality images and cinema quality sound.

The typical Home Theater system is comprised of a video display, multi-channel surround sound processor, speaker array, video source and most importantly, an audience. And don’t forget the popcorn!

Alpha is a Home Theater Expert serving the Solano, Napa and surrounding counties. We help our clients conceptualize, design and install Home Theater and Home Audio / Video Systems, then we assist them in selecting the right Home Components that best suits their home environments and budgets.

Alpha Home Theater Services

Alpha has highly trained professionals that layout and install audio, video, and other related media systems in your home.

Alpha custom systems are designed to fulfill the needs of the homeowner and optimize each device’s performance. These custom theater systems can be configured in many ways to accommodate audio, video, and other media systems.

Alpha engineers and installers work hand and hand with the homeowner to coordinate their efforts to ensure the system dynamically molds into your home both functionally and aesthetically.

Create a theater-like environment in your home

Plasma Television

A Plasma TV is one of the most exciting consumer electronics and home theater products to debut in many years. Plasma Screens are changing the shape of television from the standard shelf TV that’s been around for 50 years to a nearly flat display that can be mounted on the wall in almost any location in your home, on your patio, or wherever you find viewing comfortable.

The new Plasma Display can deliver high-definition television (HDTV). It can serve as a TV or flat panel computer monitors.

Advantages of Plasma Displays Over Regular TVs

  • 4 inches thin and can be hung on a wall.
  • Much larger picture.
  • Higher color accuracy.
  • Brighter images (3 – 4 times brighter).
  • Better resolution.
  • High-definition capability.
  • Can be used as a monitor for a PC or Mac.
  • Images don’t bend at the edge of the screen.
  • Reflections from lights or windows are minimized.
  • Wider viewing angles for people sitting off to the side.
  • Takes up less space (zero floor space if wall-mounted).
  • Not affected by magnetic fields (Speakers can be close to the display).
  • Advantages of Plasma Displays Over Rear Projection Monitors
  • Ideal for any room, even rooms where space is limited.
  • 4 inches thin and can be hung on a wall.
  • Can be used as a monitor for a PC or Mac.
  • Higher color accuracy than most Rear Projection Monitors.
  • Brighter images than most Rear Projection Monitors.
  • Wider viewing angles – no one has the viewing “sweet spot”.
  • DLP and LCD rear projectors require bulb replacement every 4,000 to 5,000 hours.*
  • * While rear projection monitors are initially cheaper, they can be more expensive over time.

How a Plasma Television Works

A Plasma television is a flat, lightweight surface, covered with millions of glass bubbles. Each bubble contains a gas-like substance, the plasma, and has a phosphor coating. Think of the bubbles as the pixels.

Now think of each pixel-bubble as having three sub-pixels (1-red, 1-green, and 1-blue). When it is time to display an image signal (RGB or video), a digitally controlled electric current flows through the flat screen causing the plasma inside the designated bubbles to give off ultraviolet rays. This light in turn causes the phosphor coating to glow the appropriate color making your Plasma TV provide the best video image anywhere. Millions of RGB bubbles glowing and dimming make a rich and vivid image.

With a regular TV you see the forest. With a plasma television, you see the trees.


Alpha designs and installs THX specific and certified home theater systems. For over a decade, the THX theater program has supplied the theater installation industry with precise specifications to optimize the theater experience. Each THX system is composed of a unique combination of loudspeakers integrated with specific room acoustics that provide moviegoers with the best picture and sound experience available.

Alpha offers both types of digital surround sound systems;  DTS-Digital Theater Systems, and Dolby** Digital. DTS 7.1*** offers 5.1 discrete channels of 20-bit quality audio with high data rate and low compression. Dolby Digital (AC-3) gives you 5.1 channels of full surround sound including a separate channel for a sub-woofer.

**”Dolby”, the double-D symbol. “Pro-Logic” and “HX Pro” are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

***DTS 7.1 is a trademark of Digital Theater Systems, L.P.

A note about High Definition: Most local stations are currently broadcasting Digital TV in addition to the Analog TV. Within the next several years, analog TV broadcasting will cease, with all TV signals delivered over the airwaves in a digital format. With the current digital transmission in place, the local channels are now offering selective broadcasts in High Definition TV with resolutions of 720P and 1080i. While most of today’s broadcasts are presented in NTSC format, a 4×3 picture ratio, High definition broadcasts are presented in a ATSC format of 16 x 9, which is a noticeably wider picture. The solutions we recommend are based upon the widescreen format.

Controlled from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone!

The Sonos Multi-Room Music System creates multi-room audio hi-fi in which different zones may play the same or different songs simultaneously throughout the house. The company tagline is “All the music you want. All over your house. All from the palm of your hand.”

There are two main appliances in the Sonos Multi-Room Music System: ZonePlayers and Controllers. ZonePlayers may connect directly to speakers, or to an amplifier, and take the place of a traditional hifi setup. There is also an all-in-one ZonePlayer with integrated speakers. The system is controlled by the Sonos Controller, a wireless handheld remote equipped with a color LCD screen that controls music streaming and zone selection. Software is also available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Mac, Windows computers to control the system.


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