Harness the Power of Turing AI Vision for Unmatched Safety and Rapid Deployment

Our Solar-Shield CCTV boxes are great tools to use for your business or unoccupied sites. These CCTV Units are engineered for easy rapid deployment. Smart security, powered by Turing Vision cloud. Fully Equipped for all your security needs with Varifocal Zoom Cloud Cameras & Two-Way Speaker. Solar-powered and backup powerup to 4 days. These AI cameras are the next best thing! Turing AI Vision is a great tool to use for your business as it has many advanced algorithms to ensure safety and security. Turing AI Vision lets you search anything and everything including searching for license plates, the make of a vehicle, facial recognition, or what a certain person is wearing. Another good thing about Turing AI Vision is that if you have multiple sites, you can search for a certain person or vehicle that has been on each site. Overall, Turing AI Vision is a fantastic business tool to use day to day to ensure your business’s safety.

Rapid Deployment

Advance Security

Eco-Friendly Power

Intelligent Recognition

Solar Shield

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