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Closed Circuit TV

Have you ever wondered who was at your front door without having to physically get up to look? What about keeping an eye on the kids in the pool while you’re in the home office getting stuff done? Have you ever wished you could look in on the baby without having to climb the stairs every time?

All these things are possible by adding Closed Circuit TV to your home or business wiring network. You can do this through an Analog DVR System or an IP Network camera. Let us explain the differences below.

Analog DVR System vs IP Network Camera

Analog DVR System

  • Wide-spread compatibility – Mixing and matching camera models and surveillance equipment from different manufacturers is easy with an analog CCTV setup.
  • Capability of cameras – Analog cameras tend to handle low-light situations better than IP cameras on average, though IP camera technology is improving in this regard.
  • Expensive cabling – For large-scale surveillance applications, analog cameras require complicated cabling schemes that can be quite expensive and also challenging to install.

IP Network Camera

  • Remote Video Monitoring – With an IP-based surveillance system, users can view live network camera feeds in real-time from any computer with Internet access.
  • Scalability – Expanding a network surveillance system is as simple as connecting additional IP cameras to the IP network. IP cameras can be placed anywhere along the network, and there’s no need for expensive and complicated cabling. Simply connect the camera like you would any other network device.
  • Improved Storage Capabilities – Since network cameras capture digital video images, large amounts of footage can be stored on servers and network video recorders, where archived video can be quickly accessed and searched. Alpha Alarm uses video servers to store and record.
  • Interactive Services – Camera systems can be set up with home security systems to receive real-time events in the even of an alarm or motion detection.

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