Video Surveillance

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Alpha Alarm & Audio provides Video Surveillance services to Sacramento and the surrounding areas. Using video surveillance is half the cost of hiring a sleepy security guard. Eyes on all the time. Never missing a thing.

Live Video Monitoring

Live Verified Video Monitoring provides visual alarm monitoring. With regular cameras, it would be self-monitored but with Live Verified Video Monitoring, our 24/7 monitoring center can check footage on your account to see exactly what is going on, that way our team can ensure a proper response is provided to every alarm, which will reduce false alarms, improve on police dispatch, and apprehending criminals.

Turing Vision AI

Turing AI-enabled, cloud-base platform lets you search, be alerted, and analyze detection patterns across multiple locations and all historical data with no limitations. Turing AI allows you to get the most out of your camera infrastructure investments. The main components of Turing AI are motion detection, person detection, vehicle detection and license plate recognition. These tools will help you immensely.

Turing AI Vision is a great tool to use for your business as it has many advanced algorithms to ensure safety and security. Turing AI Vision lets you search anything and everything including searching for license plates, make of a vehicle, facial recognition, or what a certain person is wearing. Another good thing about Turing AI Vision is that if you have multiple sites, you can search for a certain person or vehicle that has been on each site. Overall, Turing AI Vision is a fantastic business tool to use day to day to ensure your business safety.

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